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Senses by Tara Simone (NYC Florist)

Tara Smone Powel at the Vicroy Hotel

Tara Simone Powell at the Viceroy Hotel

Flowers, fragrance, fashion and food… all must haves for me to feel alive… awake… aware. All serving to tickle my passion and ignite my senses. You know that feeling you get on the back of your neck when you’ve “experienced” not merely seen, but truly digested, something beautiful? My dear friend and style expert, Lloyd Boston and I, have come to call these experiences “wisteria orgasms!”

It’s that feeling when you see a perfectly open pink peony blossom as spring is creeping in….smelling the innocence and purity of a lavender field in France…wearing your first DVF wrap dress…sharing a lovely dinner at a local dive that is so good you want to lay down in Times Square.

After taking over my family’s floral business, BARBARA’S FLOWERS, I’ve developed an insatiable appetite for all things “beautiful” and “sensual.”

SENSES by TaraSimone seeks to insight dialogue about our perceptions of beauty, tantalize our senses and applaud those who are bold enough to redefine beauty and the sensual experience.

First soul clap… Kelly Wearstler ( Her courageous blend of texture, pattern, form and hue is indeed a gift.

All my New Yorkers — check out The Bergdorf Goodman Restaurant and experience her design.

All my West Coast folks — check out The Viceroy hotel — check me out in The Viceroy (that’s what I look like when I’m experiencing the “wisteria orgasm!!!”)

Tara Simone New York Florist

Tara Simone Viceroy Hotel

Tara Simone New York Florist

Tara Simone

And to everyone in between — pick up her book HUE by Kelly Wearstler. It’s a beauty must have!

There’s beauty in all that we are and all that we do — share yours.

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